School Dances and Proms

Prom danceHave you ever been to a great school dance or prom - the kind where everyone is having a great time and nobody wants to leave? If so, you've probably seen a Shockwave Entertainment DJ in action!

For over 15 years, we've been entertaining crowds at school dances and proms.  In fact, many of our clients have been with us for 10 years or more! That's because they know no other DJ can provide the music, reliability, and most importantly - THE FUN - that Shockwave Entertainment can!

We hear that a lot! Every time we perform for a new school client, we get rave reviews. When you hire us, you'll see that we have a huge selection of music to dance to and our DJs are the best around! Our goal is to provide students with incredible dances that they'll tell their friends about, which means your school will make more money at the next event you hire us for!

The students stayed longer and danced more than they ever have before!

I hired Shockwave Entertainment for a High School graduation party. He did a great job with only a little bit of information that I gave him to prepare for the pool party celebration. Everyone at the event had a good time and the DJ made the music friendly to everyone around. – Charlotte